Sunday, October 17, 2010

Greetings from the world of Dofus

Salutations my friends! I am Captain Wiggles, a level 4 Enutrof in the land of Dofus. Although my Gimli-like appearance and age may make you question my battle readiness, I throw a pretty mean Ghostly Shovel.

To those of you who may not know about my mystical land, I'll give you a brief overview. For some, Dofus is a free to play online world for Mac users, but for me it's home. After a brief tutorial battling a minotaur on top of a floating cloud, I teleported into the expansive Dofus forest to begin my questing. Orkblot!!! Ahem, excuse me.

The world I inhabit is quite small. There are rolling fields, forests, a couple of wells and a huge frickin' sword made out of stone that the gods threw from heavens. Sweet. The land if full of your typical run-of-the-mill animals that I spend most of my time attacking. Today I slayed a gaggle of porcupines, a few baby sheep, and a skeleton before being headbutted to death by a pig while I Ghostly Shoveled her kids. I suppose I had it coming.

Besides fighting random, adorable animals, I spend my time talking to some of the Non-Playable Characters that give me random tasks. Most of the time I'm doing fetch quests for them or they tell me about the history of this magical place. Needless to say I have since stopped talking to these characters.

I am not alone in the Dofus world however. There are upwards of a dozen (actual) people with me at all times. I may join in their battles, challenge them to a duel, or designate them as my friend/enemy. Pretty much every interaction involves me fighting with or against them basically. It's a violent world out here.

Sometimes I'll try talking with them in a chat window but my calls for friendship have fallen on deaf ears. The only time someone responded to me they turned out to be from the Czech Republic and only responded in emoticons. :-(

My brutal and lonely existence in Dofus has been a regrettable experience. I've already started to pack my Ghostly Shovel and porcupine pelts in my rucksack to venture out West. I hear there's a whole World of Warcraft world out there.

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  1. It seems like you chose a game that's not played by many (actual) people. This relates to the issues that several people discussed in the location based services, and experiences are influenced by the number of people using the service, or in this case, the game. I'm curious why you didn't choose to play World of Warcraft, a much more popular game and one I've actually heard of.