Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hey you over there, come look at how cool I am!

Meet "Phil". Phil and I went to the same high school and he also goes to UW. We have remained friends both in person and on facebook. But Phil has 1,781 other friends on facebook who know as much about him as I do because he likes to share everything.

Not only does Phil share a lot of information on facebook but he has also linked his twitter account to his facebook so he also shares all his tweets. His profile picture is from a football saturday, luckily for him sunglasses cover what are almost definitely some glazed over eyes from a few beers. Now let's see what Phil has been up to since last Monday.

Monday -
Phil shares new rap song featuring Lil Wayne and Drake
Phil announces he will be attending the Obama rally the next day
Phil makes 3 new friends
Phil changes his status to share that he is upset by bears fans jubilant statuses following the win over the Packers (Phil is a Bills fan)

Tuesday -
Phil is excited that "obama in beautiful madison wi tonight"
Phil was lucky enough to sit on stage behind Obama so a barrage of tagged photos start coming in that night.
A friend writes on Phil's wall, "Your head is even more enormous on television. Just fyi"
Phil comments on the post, "Where do you think I store all those brains that make me so damn smart"
More tagged photos
Phil makes 2 new friends

Wednesday -
Phil cut his finger at work and wants everyone to know he doesn't have a cool story for how
Slow facebook day for Phil, perhaps typing was difficult with his injured finger

Thursday -
Status update 11:22PM - "in bed after having a drink or 2 and about to go to sleep cause I have 7am work tomorrow - i remember when I used to be cool :( #FAC_hard"
Friend comments underneath - "ur a fucking loser...its making me uncomfortable"
Friend comments underneath - "I don't know whats more sad, you not going out on thursday, or the fact you stay in your room and tweet about how big of a loser you are"
Phil writes on friend's walls, just checking in nothing too exciting

Friday -
Status update (11:57AM) - off work and ready to be awesome for the next 48 hours. who's comin with?

Saturday -
No activity

Sunday -
Status update - eastbound and down. is. fucking. back
Tagged in photos from a football gameday
Writes happy birthday on a few friends walls

Monday -
Writes on a friends wall asking when they will be back from a weekend trip
Friend responds - "ill be back in like an hour dawggg, miss me that much?!?!?!?!?"
Phil is attending Deadmau5 concert

Phil loves updating people on his life. When someone likes or comments one of his statuses it probably makes his day. Phil isn't shy about sharing anything, relationship status, drinking behavior, or when he injures himself at work. Phil also likes to point out how cool/awesome he is which of course is exactly what must make him so cool and awesome.

As for broader implications, I do think Facebook is a very useful tool in staying connected or re-connecting with old friends. One area on facebook that Phil excels at is keeping in touch with a lot of people from our high school, people that I myself don't really keep up with. Without facebook I'm not sure Phil would maintain these connections so it is beneficial in that way. Facebook is also a practical application for promoting different events, Phil is always RSVPing yes to pretty much every facebook invite he receives. So this is another useful purpose of facebook.

Phil is definitely way more outgoing and forthcoming with status updates than myself and while sometimes I shutter at some of the status updates, I do admire the lack of fear for social backlash. At the very least Phil is not afraid to be out there and to be himself. Facebook is just a medium for Phil to be Phil.

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