Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm a Gangsterr

The EuroGangster is an online RPG mafia game, where you create your own character and perpetrate crime, fight for your family, and gamble at the casino. I have to admit, while registering to be a “Mobster” I was a little hesitant of the environment I was about to enter, and the advertisements that would show up on the side of my browser in the future. But I went with it.

After registering, I was given the choice to click Crime, Job, Gym, Explore, Bank, Jail, Hospital and more. So, first I went to the gym. I was told that “I” had enough energy to work out 12 times, so I clicked “train” and then the text came up on the screen, telling me that I had boosted my strength, but ran out of energy. So I was given a bodyguard for “1427minutes.” Then I decided to click on Crime, and a long list of crimes I could commit, along with the jail time if I fail, came on the screen. Cannabis caught my eye first. I clicked “do”… and I was told that I didn’t have enough “brave” to commit this crime. It turns out, to “do” Cannabis, it costs “30 braves.” So I looked for some cheaper crimes that my bravery could afford, and clicked on the cheapest one… Community Center. I clicked ”do” and a screen comes up that told me that I headed over to the Community Center, I started scavenging for cash, and there was nothing to be found. So I clicked “try again” and then the screen said, “You collected $100 from the gutters!” No I didn’t… I clicked the words Try Again! Where is the action and fun in that?

Then I continued playing around on the site, exploring the town (click on buttons and having them tell me I explored the town), getting a job at “McDaniels” a fast food restaurant (clicking on the only job that was available to me, and having them congratulate me). Then I went to the Game Station, where I played Poker, Pacman, Blackjack and a few others. Then, all of a sudden a message popped up on my screen…

“Cudax [2223] proposed to you, Message: Will you marry me and start a family? fun aspect of the game :)” I mean, I’m still in college but I’m not going to turn down a proposal; and just like that I was married. Then, a minute after we “got married” Cudax sent me $5,000,000 for wedding expenses… ROCK ON! This game instantly got better. Cudax would message me every time I was logged in... things like “honey pie.” The next day I was notified, “Your partner slept with you, you gained one happiness.” Thirty minutes later Cudax divorced me. Well, lets just say Cudax wasn’t satisfied?

After I was divorced, I decided to take some of my wedding expenses and buy a house. There were several homes to choose from, but I settled on the beach house for $750,000. This game went from being extremely dull, to an adventure where too many things were happening at once. I got offered a job as a Football Referee, got remarried to “The Nerd”, bailed a friend out of jail, went shopping, burned illegal music on DVD’s and sold them, stole money from the community and took a course on Agility.

My guess would be that this game is meant for uneducated teens, as it can take over your life and pull you into an alternative, adventurous, “badass” world full of spelling and grammar mistakes. I enjoyed playing the game for class, but otherwise I plan on divorcing TheNerd and deleting my account. I guess I’m just not truly a GANGSTER.


  1. ugh reminds me of my crippling sims 2 addiction circa 2004-2006.

  2. Ahahaa, this game sounds so encouraging. It's nice to see an online community that interactively reinforces and facilitates every negative stereotype that exists in modern society. Out of all the MMORPGs, this one, to me, sounds the most absurd. So absurd, I might check it out for myself. (But probably not. We'll see.)

  3. It was probably one of the most absurd experiences I've encountered.

  4. Wow! Seriously just laughed out loud. I love that a game like this exists. Hah! Yet it reminds me so much of all of the games of our childhood starting from Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego, and now moving into EuroGangster and WoW. I've never really grasped the world of gaming, but I can see how so many people can easily get addicted. Some of my co-workers and friends have become seriously addicted to the different Facebook games like Farmville. One of my co-workers would actually pay people to check and update her Farmville for her while she was at work. Crazy! These games truly create alternate worlds that people can live in for hours and hours at a time. Whether or not it is a good thing is up for debate. While I personally feel that parking in front of a computer screen for hours at a time playing games is a bit unhealthy, who am I to say that it doesn't help out another person? These worlds can serve as places to mentally escape this stressful and fast paced world that is our reality. People that find themselves having a hard time connecting with people in person can connect through these virtual worlds, and while your marriages were sadly short lived, maybe others actually can find a friend or partner through games like these. Good luck to you, Gangsters.

  5. This sounds like the coolest, because it is the most ridiculous, MMORPG. Besides its ridiculous "gameplay" features, something that stood out compared to the other blogposts is that there seemed to be more peer to peer interaction in this game (since you got married and divorced twice), where as it seemed Nick had some trouble finding users to communicate to in his MMORPG. For an MMORPG to be considered social in my opinion there needs to be interactions that are outside of the sequence of the game, not just within the frame of the game.