Sunday, October 10, 2010

Since maybe you're studying for the midterm and looking through blog posts, and since maybe (like me) you saw The Social Network (now at a staggering 97% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes) this weekend, and since maybe you want a little break...I wanted to share this illuminating "other side" of the Facebook story as published on Gawker Media's sister site on Silicon Valley gossip, Valleywag.

While the movie makes Facebook CEO Zuckerberg out to be sort of cold and calculating and his former best friend and FB co-founder Eduardo Saverin out to be, as one reviewer pegged him, "an oasis of warmth", you may find the link above an antidote to the movie's powers of persuasion. The article's a tad on the long side but reads juicy and fast, and details how Saverin, in a what seems like a vengeful move, talked an author into telling Facebook's creation story--from Saverin's perspective. That book, "The Accidental Billionaires", provided the basis for The Social Network screenplay. Not really a stretch to see why Saverin comes out looking like sunshine.

On a side note, while leaving the movie, I was tempted to tell my friend how poignant it was that the film begins with two people, talking face-to-face in a bar and ends with one of those people seeking Facebook friendship with the other, alone in front of a screen, constantly hitting refresh, desperately seeking a human connection that FB is supposed to be so good at providing.

Then, I realized, I hadn't thought of that on my own. No, I'd read that on a blog somewhere.

Then I thought I should really mention I read that somewhere when I told my friend.

Then I thought, how funny, after seeing this movie, that I'd be worried about intellectual property...

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